Hi, I'm Yu-Hsuan.
A product designer.
Currently working on next-gen finance products at  Oracle Design. Previously worked at Google Assistant NYU IT  and Backer-Founder.

Selected Projects

Fun things I did


Plugin Development / User Research/ CocoaScript
Got 315 stars on Github.
Get 387 Stars on Github
In my spare time, I like to develop plugin to help myself be more efficient. Blender is the first plugin I developed.

VR - The City

Development / UX in VR / Unreal
As a big fan of fiction movie, in 2018, I developed a interative VR experience in Unreal. Exhibited in 2018 IDM Showcase.


🎨 2016 Taiwan Expo
In my spare time, I like to do some drawings and post them on social media. In 2016, my illustrations are picked by Tumblr Taiwan and got chance to show in Taiwan Expo.

Games and Graphics

I like to develop games or do some freelance graphic design when I am not working.