Backer-Founder Project Flow

To explain crowdfunding project flow on the official website, I designed a production line animation, and each station symbolized a service in the project flow. For example, the first station symbolizes Idea Advisory Service, and the second one depicts Content Design Service. I also developed an interesting interaction on the site for which visitors can drag their idea(light bulb) to the production line. Through the animation, visitors can better understand the project flow and services.

Virtual Torch Tech

VTT is a platform for NYU IT staff. Its main purposes are knowledge sharing and networking. These are illustrations for the landing page. Each illustration depicts a feature of the system.
This project is still a work in progress. I will share the platform’s design and process in late April :)

OpenIDEO Design Challenge

"How might we radically improve access to, and quality of, sexual and reproductive health education and services for young people?"

Our idea is to design narrative posters with gaming experience. I illustrated a series of sex-ed posters with QR Code.

404 Not Found Page for NYU

New York University is located near Washington Square which is a popular landmark in NYC. I designed the Washington Square as a floating island which is similar to the missing information on the website.

Rolling Pigs

Rolling Pigs is designed in a Hackathon held by the Japanese enterprise, Akatsuki. Rolling Pigs is a puzzle game in which players aim to place (roll) pigs in the right place. For example, if a blue pig is on a pink platform, it should be rolled to the blue platform. The fewer times you roll the pig, the higher score you get. If you get enough score, you can go to next level.

In this project, I planned the game's UI flow and designed characters and scenes. I used bright color to demonstrate relaxing and happy atmosphere.

Mascot Design
Designed for National Museum of Marine Science & Technology in Taiwan(NMMST).

Poster Design

The Association of Circle

I participated in a campus beautification project which was aimed at beautifying drain covers. Since most of the drain covers are round, I designed graphics with the association of ripples, water drop, light bulb and so on.

NCTU Graduation Prom

As Head of Design for NCTU graduation prom, I developed the visual language for the event and ran a committee that planned and organized visual design and advertising.