Kinect TV Channel

Tool: C++, Kinect, OpenFrameworks
In this project, I used Kinect to create an interactive experience that allow viewers to see themselves showing in TV scenes. Viewers can click on the switch button to view themselves in different scenes. I used Kinect to check if there are any people in front of the camera. If so, the program will replace the pixels of the person with special effects.

Collage Art Generator

Tool: C++, SVG, OpenFrameworks
In the project, users can create their own collage art posters with the SVG files. They can create polygons in Illustrator and save as SVG format. Then they can import the the SVG files into the program and it will automatically generate collage art with random images. Users can also type something on the poster and make a screenshot pressing X key. This program can help designers quickly create collage art posters without using photoshop.

A Temporal Desktop Interface for Integrated Knowledge Work

Tool: C#, WPF
This project is based on a UIST ’14 paper. The desktop application supports activity-centric, personal information management. It provided a dedicated desktop interface for integrated knowledge work. I used C# and WPF to build the system and test its usability with more than 10 users.

The Trees

Tool: Java, Processing
The trees is designed and developed for my previous portfolio. It symbolizes my growth in the recent years and how I transformed my diverse interests and the knowledge that I absorbed into artworks and design.